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  1. In his day dreams, it puzzled him to know why he was secure and petted, while they were insecure and abused. Forbearance and forgiveness, or any of the virtues of charity, find little root in the soil of slavery; but passion, revenge and violence come up as in a hot bed, and are familiar to every eye.
  2. a crushing hush of blushing rushing reeds in the Windowpane of Night crashed on a tide of blue green algae, until a Maternity Ward of Succubi began levitating towards the Sundial at the Summit of the Hadean Labyrinth as every purple eyed dolphin licked its Invertebrate Symphony of.
  3. Raise from this dark abyss thy horrid visage, O Lucifer! aggrieved by light so potent, Shrink from the blaze of these refulgent planets And pant beneath the rays of no fierce sun; Read in the sacred volumes of the sky, The mighty wonders of a hand divine. Behold, thou frantic rebel, How easy is the task, To the great Sire of Worlds.
  4. "Hush" is a song written by American composer and musician Joe South, for recording artist Billy Joe Royal, whose single peaked at number 52 on the Billboard Hot on 28 October – 11 November , and No. 45 in Canada. South himself recorded the song in , and included it on his second album, Games People Play. Deep Purple and Kula Shaker had later hits with covers of the song, in Format: 7-inch single.
  5. across the Abyss, and the knocking of the Dream Gods is like a Blueberry pouncing on the geometry of the Dead, every skin cell listens, a parabolic membrane of impossible contemplation, Aldebaraan is churning ten thousand fairies into a frothy sheen of Coincidence, the Earth Girl assembles her flesh from a Vault of Otherworldly Potatoes, her Mother.
  6. Fluorescent Records. Tallahassee, Florida. What started as a DIY label for experimental artists in Florida, quickly became something else; a global collective. Catering to all styles, sounds and beliefs, Fluorescent Records hopes to bring you some wonderfully original soundscapes and atmospheres during this .
  7. “Hush,” she said, pushing the dragon down on the leaves. She shed the leaf blanket that the dragon had made for her and pinned him down with evilly lustful intent, not that he seemed to mind. “Since we’ve been stuck up here I’ve been thinking of a way of repaying you and my .

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